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Banquet Center Jobs

We are looking for an enthusiastic people to provide an excellent guest experience at an amazing Banquet Center. The Matrix is excited to grow their staff with hard working, responsible individuals. The successful candidates will be expected to comply with the tasks that are associated with the jobs they choose. All employees will have opportunities to move up in this amazing, growing company.

With a company culture that fosters teamwork, guest service and individual accountability, our staff works as a team to not only meet, but exceed our guests' every expectation.

Banquet Server

A banquet server performs serving duties at dinners and events. They must be able to accommodate guests effectively and politely. Employed by a catering service or a hotel, banquet servers are responsible for accommodating all guests at a function while circulating the room. Anticipating the needs of the guests and responding politely to their requests are commonly required tasks.


Banquet servers set up for events, carry trays, serve guests and clean up at the event's conclusion. Set up can include putting out tablecloths and place settings, arranging table placement and putting up a buffet. A banquet server's duties during the event can vary based on the situation, but, in general, they must be able to focus on the job while staying on their feet and moving about freely, which can include bending, climbing stairs and carrying items weighing 25-50 pounds. Good communication is important, as is being able to follow directions efficiently and meeting the physical demands of the job. A positive attitude while on the job is also essential.

Banquet servers must adhere to health and safety standards at all times, even when closing down at the end of the event, which may include breaking down the table set up and taking tablecloths and linens to the laundry.


Customer service or waiter experience is a good foundation for a job as a banquet server. A banquet server must be able to perform the duties of the job without difficulty, in addition to being courteous and attentive to guests during a function. Note that in some states, a banquet server must be 21 to serve alcoholic beverages.


We are looking for an enthusiastic bartender to provide an excellent guest drinking experience. The successful candidate will be able to mix and match ingredients in order to create classic and innovative drinks in accordance with customers’ needs and expectations.


  • Prepare alcohol or non-alcohol beverages
  • Interact with customer's, take orders and serve snacks and drinks
  • Assess customers’ needs and preferences and make recommendations
  • Mix ingredients to prepare cocktails
  • Plan and present bar menu
  • Check customers’ identification and confirm it meets legal drinking age
  • Restock and replenish bar inventory and supplies
  • Stay guest focused and nurture an excellent guest experience
  • Comply with all food and beverage regulations


  • 2 years of experience as a bartender
  • Excellent knowledge of in mixing, garnishing and serving drinks
  • Computer literate
  • Excellent English knowledge; second language will be considered a plus
  • Positive attitude and excellent communication skills
  • Ability to keep the bar organized, stocked and clean
  • Relevant training certificate

Line cook

Line cooks are the cooks who are assigned particular tasks in the kitchen like grilling or cutting ingredients required for the preparation of dishes. They usually do not participate in the administration activities of the kitchen. The line cooks are miscellaneous workers. They can be assigned any task in the kitchen and they are expected to follow implicit orders. A line cook may either be assigned to cook a full dish or carry out a particular function required in the preparation.


  • Following and fulfilling the duties given by the senior chefs
  • Keeping their stations clean and well stocked with the ingredients required to cook the dish that they are ordered to prepare
  • Keeping the kitchen clean and sanitized
  • Fulfilling duties on time so as not to delay the preparation of the dish
  • Use ingredients in the right proportion and be aware of the exact procedure of preparation of food

Banquet Houseman

As banquet houseman, you are responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and organization of any banquet rooms, hallways, storage and service areas. You must routinely inventory and care for banquet supplies such as linens, chairs, china, glassware, flatware and decorations. You are required to set up the banquet room per the specification of a banquet events order, and then reset the room to its original state after the event has concluded. During the event, duties include assisting servers, transporting tables and equipment, reporting maintenance issues to management, and providing requested information to banquet patrons.

You may be asked by management to engage in duties that are related to your position even though they are not routine. These include helping assemble temporary dance floors, podiums and other structures; up selling venue services and amenities to guests; relaying data to outside departments; and assisting audio-visual personnel in setting up equipment like speakers and monitors. In some cases, you may also be tasked with helping transport food, beverages, decorations and equipment to an off-premises event location.

Banquet Captain

Job purpose of banquet captain is to ensure that his/her assigned events and activities are organized and executed, resulting in the complete satisfaction of the guests attending the event.


  • Ensure that any & all Food & Beverage items are presented and served correctly, adhering to the standards set out by The Matrix Conference and Banquet Center, and noting any special requests & instructions, set out on the Banquet Event Order for the event.
  • Ensuring that communication is constantly maintained between the Executive Sous Chef or Culinary Department Representative & the Banquet Beverage Captain during the event, alerting him or her of any changes in the schedule of service, challenges or adverse comments that may arise during the service of an event.
  • To ensure that communication is constantly maintained between either the Catering Manager or the Convention Service Manager during and event, alerting them to any possible challenges or adverse comments that may arise.
  • Compile check from the Banquet Event Order, at the conclusion of the event or function, ensuring that the correct numbers of items/number of persons are charged for, and that the check is posted to the correct master account, presenting the check to the clients for signature.
  • Ensuring that all relevant & applicable paperwork is filled out correctly, including the Captain's Party Sheet, and copies distributed as required.
  • Ensure that staff members return all equipment to the storage areas and that the room/area is left clean and tidy. Unconsumed Liquor & Wines should be returned to the Banquet Beverage Service Bar.
  • Reporting to a function or an event.
  • Compiling the station register and assigning duties to banquet staff and supporting banquet captains, assigned to that specific event or function.
  • Ensuring that the name of every staff member assigned to an event or function appears on the banquet sign-in sheet, and that the staff sign the sheet, prior to leaving the event or function.
  • Preparation of the area or room in its entirety for a function or event, prior to the guest’s arrival.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned or requested by supervisors/managers.

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